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Connect with a community of your peers to learn from and support one another.

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Knack makes it easy to get help when and where you need it from someone who’s aced your exact course.

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Make the most of your skills by helping your peers.

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Be in Control

Set your subjects, rates, and availability. You work for yourself, and we work for you.

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Track your progress and collect peer feedback to build a profile that demonstrates your hard and soft skills.

Get Paid, Get Hired

Leverage your tutoring profile to attract new students and earn recommendations towards jobs and internships with our employer partners.

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Empower peer learning communities that improve student outcomes and develop future leaders.

Drive Student Retention & Graduation

Increase access to on-demand academic support services that inspire confidence, reduce attrition, and enhance essential learning outcomes.

Strengthen Student Engagement

Utilize technology to form learning communities that enable academically-rooted peer-to-peer connections on your campus.

Scale High-Impact Student Employment

Scale flexible, experiential employment opportunities to your qualified high-achievers, allowing them to offer support services back to their peers and build essential skills for lifelong success.

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Recruit from our diverse network of top performing college students with validated academic and interpersonal skills.

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Words From Our Community

Marissa P.

Knack Student • UF

Knack was essential to my success in college. The relationships I've developed through Knack were a major reason had the confidence to graduate and get my dream job.

Janna B.

Engineering Tutor • UCF

Knack has enabled me to have great access to students, and makes coordinating sessions much more convenient and safe.

Moez Limayem

Dean • USF Muma College of Business

Knack has allowed us to launch a scalable peer tutoring program covering many of the courses our tutoring center was unable to service. Not only did Knack's Campus Success Team and technology enable a simple roll-out, but their model of engaging employer partners as sponsors created a win-win and made it very affordable for our college. We are really excited to have Knack as a partner!

William Hudson Jr.

VP of Student Affairs • FAMU

It’s exciting to see first-hand the value Knack is bringing to our campus. Not only is this proving to be an efficient model for supplementing our academic support services, but it’s also been a great way to scale the meaningful employment opportunities that help our students develop the skills they’ll need to be successful after graduation

Gregg Cox

VP of Academic Affairs • Lynn University

Lynn University is excited to offer our students opportunities available through Knack. Not only will their technology help students improve their grades, but also creates flexible campus jobs for high-achievers.

Jennifer Locklear

Chief Talent Officer • ConnectWise

Knack gives us not only the chance to engage top tier talent, but also the opportunity to invest in our future workforce and leaders who will, in turn, help us create a better tomorrow.

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