Dear Struggling Student, Come Get the Help You Deserve

Calling all students who have late-night questions, professors who never answer emails and/or TA’s who are MIA.

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Ask 21-year-old Jeannette Aybar. She’s a senior criminology and law major at the University of Florida who started to panic about a research paper.

“I was looking everywhere, trying to ask somebody if they could help me,” Jeannette said. “The paper was worth a huge portion of the class’s total points. I knew I needed a good grade.”

Jeannette had reached out to her professor, but the looming deadline made her look elsewhere for help.

“The professor lagged a lot with emails,” she said. “So I’m like — how am I gonna pass this class?”

Jeannette found Knack through Facebook. She said she downloaded the app and found it “super interesting.”

Knack’s tutors cover everything from biology to geology, engineering to advertising.

Jeannette was looking for someone to help in research methods of criminology.

In the end, she met with two tutors for a total of three sessions.

“The longest session was almost two hours,” she said. “But that’s because we had to go over everything.”

And the result?

“Knack helped, it really did. I got a good grade on the paper,” she said. “And I passed the class!”

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