“I found my tutor on Knack, and then he saved my life.”

Enter Italia, a 28 year-old Health Sciences senior at the University of South Florida. Panicking over her rigorous chemistry homework, she turned to the on-campus tutoring center for guidance. Her experience was underwhelming…

“Completing one homework assignment would take 2 or 3 weekly trips to the tutoring center where I would spend about 4 or 5 hours per visit… it was just not effective or efficient,” she recalled.

Looking for alternatives, Italia turned to the place where all good millennials would: Google.

Searching “tutors near me,” Italia was discouraged; describing other tutoring options as expensive, out-dated and tedious to sign up for…

“It’s 2016, aren’t there better options?!” she thought to herself.

That’s when she came across Knack

“It was simple and incredibly easy to use. I opened the app, entered my course code and was able to choose from a list of tutors. I found my tutor, D’Shaun, and then he saved my life.”

Italia and her tutor D’Shaun, meet at an off-campus location for a few hours once or twice a week to work through Italia’s chemistry homework.

“The one-on-one attention I get with D’Shaun is much better than what I was able to get at the tutoring center.”

With 5–6 students per tutor and a finicky online homework program, it was difficult for for Italia to complete her homework at the on-campus center.

“With D’Shaun, he draws out the atomic structures and helps me balance the equations. We get the homework problems right on the first try, pretty much every time. He’s a human calculator!”

“If it wasn’t for him, I honestly wouldn’t be walking across the stage in December.”

Italia’s final words describing her tutoring experience with Knack were:

“The best thing that ever happened to me in college.”

Italia’s story is just one example of why thousands of students across the nation trust Knack to get them through college.

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