“My tutor made the material make sense…”

Don’t let Knack just boost your midterm grade, let it boost your GPA.

Take it from Tori Waler, a sophomore pre-vet student at the University of Florida. She used Knack throughout a semester, scheduling regular sessions for her Chemistry 2 class.

Tori didn’t want to relive her Chem 1 tutoring experience. She tried the popular option: a fast-paced review with classroom-style methods.

“It didn’t really help me,” Tori said about the experience. “They flew through everything; I was struggling to keep up.”

She heard about Knack, downloaded the app and found a tutor. The rest was . . . well, good chemistry (we had to). The first session made an immediate difference for Tori.

My tutor made the material make sense,” she said. “Everything he explained just clicked.”

She met back up with her tutor 1–2 times per week for the remainder of the semester.

“I would go to the class and the lectures just flowed.”

Tori said her test score averages noticeably increased. She recalled ending Chem 2 with a grade 10–15 percent higher than Chem 1.

In one phrase, how would Tori describe the long-term benefits of Knack? “It was a lifesaver.”

But we let her expand.

“I’ve used Knack for awhile now and it’s truly been the nicest group of people,” she explained, recalling tutors of a group session bringing notecards, snacks and water. “It’s encouraging to have a branch of support full of positive people,” she said.

Even in the midst of test-prep anxiety and finals-crisis breakdown, Tori said, “it makes you feel like everything’s going to be fine.”

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