Do you have a Knack for a class?

Do you have what it takes to be a Knack Tutor? Good news! It’s pretty simple.

Take Juan Jimenez, a Junior at the University of Florida. During his first and second years, he often helped his friends with homework and projects.

“We would gather around and use the classroom projectors after dark,” Juan said. “I helped them understand calculus concepts, stuff like that. It wasn’t anything official, more like a group study that I led.”

Recognizing a money-making opportunity, he thought about posting fliers as a private tutor. . . but never got around to it. Who has time for that nowadays? It’s old school.

Insert Knack.

“Knack was different because of the accessibility,” Juan said. “It’s an app. It’s always in my pocket.”

“There are students that need help,” he said. “I felt like I could offer information and guidance. So why not get paid for it?”

Despite his lack of formal tutoring experience, his first session was a breeze.

“It took me a few minutes to get back into the swing of things,” he said. “But I was so comfortable with the class when I took it, that the material just came back to me.”

The session was a hit and the student requested Juan for a follow up right away.

Not to mention the stellar review to boost his credibility…

“Juan was extremely helpful and was able to explain basic concepts well…he was organized and brought his old notes and book. Much appreciated.” -Brian R. (EEL 3701C — Digital Logic)

“Once Brian’s review posted to my profile, requests started to come in pretty consistently,” Juan said.

Little by little, Juan fell into a tutoring rhythm mentioning he’s even tutored three students at once through Knack.

Juan would begin his sessions by identifying the students’ learning styles.

“It takes a few minutes, but you’re gauging who they are as a student. The key is getting to know them, in order to tailor the session to their learning style.”

Joining Knack with no formal tutoring experience wasn’t a risk, it actually built on Juan’s existing success in the classroom and his desire to help others.

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