Version 1.6.0

Release Notes: Version 1.6.0

Group Tutoring – A Better Way to Study

Today we’re introducing Groups — the feature that makes studying fun again. As this has been a highly requested feature by both tutors and students, we’re so excited to finally announce it!

For Students: it’s a great way to supercharge your study groups while reducing the price per person. No more crowded office hours, no more lost late nights in the library, no begging for notes in a Facebook group — just grab a few of your favorite classmates and study with a Course Expert. The best part? The more students that join, the cheaper it gets — you can earn up to a 50% discount on the tutor’s rate by inviting your classmates. Learn how to book Group Sessions here.

For Tutors: comfortable tutoring groups, leading exam reviews, and/or study groups? We’ve streamlined the handling of group logistics and payment to let you focus on what you do best––helping your students succeed. Although students will individually pay less, you’ll earn more in aggregate through a premium for each additional student that joins. You may choose to enable group session requests in the app from the “Tutoring Preferences” pane; if enabled, you’ll be badged in the search feed indicating you accept group requests. You may now also disable tutoring for individual or all courses and also view scheduled payout dates upon completing sessions. Learn how to run a Group Session here.

Ready to supercharge your studying? Get the app if you haven’t already, and book a Group Session!