5 Ways to Enhance Your College Lifestyle

Maintaining a college lifestyle can become kind of hectic… especially if you are a Freshman or Sophomore. Not knowing how to cook/barely keep your room clean, adjusting to a new environment, and learning how to correctly manage your time…We’ve all been there, and can agree that it’s definitely not the healthiest lifestyle to live by. That’s why learning how to find and maintain a life balance can dramatically improve your college success and overall personal health.

The more organized you maintain your daily life, the more motivated you will become to study and excel in your classes. It may seem difficult at first, but with the right approach– you will find your life coming together in no time.

1. Develop a Time Management Strategy

When trying to maintain your mental health, good grades, and a social life– time management becomes essential. Learning how to manage your time will help you avoid procrastination and decrease your chances of losing sleep. Time management is the foundation of maintaining an organized and successful college experience. Check out the 3 Keys To Becoming a Time Management Pro.

2. Get Involved On Campus

This is a great way to network with new people and make new friends that will add value to your college experience. Whether you want to play a sport, learn new skills, or work on professional development, there are so many different ways to get involved on campus. Getting involved with new activities and groups is also a great way to find out new things that you like to do! Check out the Facebook pages of clubs you are interested in to find out when their next meeting is.

3. Find a Study Buddy

Studying doesn’t have to be so boring—adventure to new places to study and find someone to study with! When you have a study buddy you’ll be way more motivated. If you have heavy coursework, get together with people in your classes and work on assignments together. Working together will remind you that you’re not the only one going through it, and you’ll also have more people to discuss with.

4. Learn How to Cook

Most students will admit to eating unhealthy because they don’t have time to cook or grocery shop. However, eating out every day will lead you to spend a whole lot more money, and waiting in long lines at Chipotle won’t save you much time either. When you grocery shop, you can make 2-3 times more food with the same amount of money you would spend on one meal…We’re in college aren’t we supposed to be saving money?!

Learning how to cook is quite simple and you only need a few ingredients to start. If some of your friends know how to cook, ask them to teach you!

5. Maintain Your Health

When coursework tends to overload, it’s easy to devote all of our time to studying that we forget to take proper care of ourselves. Stress eating, not working out, losing sleep– these are all common behaviors among college students that eventually slow down our progress. Maintaining a proper workout schedule and healthy diet can dramatically lower your stress and motivate you to succeed. A healthy diet will aid you to become more focused and energized, while working out will refresh your mind/body and heighten your energy levels.

Make it a priority to take care of your mental health as well. Make sure you are keeping time aside to see friends and do the things you like to do. If you find yourself drowning in school work too often, try a new time management strategy.

Your college success is overall dependent on your willingness to succeed. By incorporating these 5 habits into your college routine, you will increase your motivation and begin to see positive changes towards your academic success!