Version 1.14.0

Release Notes: Version 1.14.0

We are excited to announce two major upgrades to the Knack App: Employer Sponsorships and Cardless Free Sessions!

Employer Sponsorships

Knack Tutors can now get sponsored by our employer partners to tutor on campus. Sessions with an employer-sponsored tutor are completely free for all students involved. Look for tutors with a “Sponsored by…” badge on their profile to take advantage of this free tutoring.

Do you want to become a sponsored tutor? Find a sponsoring company you want to work for and apply. It only takes a few minutes and, if you meet the minimum hiring qualifications, you could get approved the very same day.

Our Inaugural Employer Sponsorships:

We plan to onboard more employer sponsors over the coming weeks so keep your eyes peeled for updates!

Cardless Free Sessions

Knack users can now request or join a session without adding a payment card if the session is expected to result in no charge.

This will make it easier for students to work with employer sponsored & volunteer tutors on Knack!

Let us know if you have any questions or feedback!

-The Knack Pack