Webinar: Scaling Virtual Academic Support & Employability For Your College

We recently held a webinar with Moez Limayem, Dean of the USF Muma College of Business, and Susan Hanlon, Dean of the University of Akron College of Business Administration, to discuss how their respective partnerships with Knack empowered them to scale personalized academic support in a way that also creates flexible, virtual employment opportunities for their top students.

Thanks to everyone who joined us for what turned out to be a great conversation!

For those who couldn’t make it, here are a few of the highlights…

Webinar Highlights

Knack CEO Samyr Qureshi kicked things off by introducing the nexus of student success.

The Nexus of Student Success img

Knack’s passion is that peer-to-peer is uniquely positioned to help students in many ways and, with COVID-19, we’re wanting to redefine what student success means for today’s world.

Samyr went on to explain the flexibility of the Knack platform, showing how different types of tutors can managed through Knack, to demonstrate how colleges can design and implement tutoring programs that meet the specific needs of their students.

Flexible Knack Tutor Types img

You can streamline your existing W2 tutoring program operations by managing them through the Knack Platform and/or you can supplement your existing program by launching a network of 1099 tutors to provide additional on-demand support.

Then, Dean Moez Limayem spoke about how the USF Muma College of Business partnered with Knack to increase the impact of their peer tutoring initiatives.

USF Case Study Timeline Screenshot img

We had a real problem… I’m sure all of us Business Schools are struggling with DFW’s, courses like Accounting and Finance where students really struggle… It was really hard to predict the demand… we were way too stretched and most of the time students didn’t come. So, it was not a good use of our resources. Then, Knack solved this problem in a really great way.

After that, Dean Susan Hanlon discussed how the University of Akron College of Business Administration partnered with Knack to support student success amid COVID-19 by scaling its supply of virtual tutors, while simultaneously providing flexible peer tutoring jobs for students displaced from other work.

Akron Case Study Webinar Slide

It’s nice to be able to offer more tutoring jobs to students… In our population, 80% of students work, so we knew that there were students losing jobs that they really needed and it’s been nice to be able to help them out.

Overall, this 40-minute conversation turned into an excellent exploration of how colleges can look to improve support services by investing directly into their own students. We recorded the full webinar, which can be accessed below.

Watch the Full Webinar

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