How College Tutoring Makes You 86% More Likely to Graduate

College Tutoring

Let me guess; you're probably here because college tutoring is something you’ve been thinking about and haven’t yet realized just how much of an impact it can have on whether you graduate college or not.

Why Is College Tutoring So Important?

Before college, you were breezing your way through high school with straight As, dreaming of how much fun college would be. Wild parties, great friends, and carefree memories filled your daydreams, and you knew that once you graduated, you were going to have the time of your life.

When you got to college, however, these dreams were shattered by the realities: tough assignments, endless studying, and having to work ten times as hard as you did in high school just to scrape together a passing grade.

Don’t worry you're not alone; your story rings true for thousands of university students every year. But why is college important for you in the first place?

Many people think college is only good for getting a better job or making more money, but that's not true. College gives you the chance to meet some of the best friends you'll ever make, gain insights into living as an independent adult, and have experiences you'll not get anywhere else. But doing all the above while maintaining good grades is a struggle for many people.

In this article, I’m going to share with you just how affordable and accessible college tutoring services are, and how they will help you ace your way through college without having to give up your life.

University Tutoring Will Help You...

1. Get Better Job and Graduate Study Opportunities

The most important reason is, you guessed it, money! Right out of college, people with Bachelor’s degrees earn on average $21,000 more than people armed with only high school diplomas.

I could write about how newspapers and the media at large are going on about unemployment and how dim job prospects are for new graduates, but you probably wouldn’t bother to read it anyway, so I’ll just skip that part.

But the important thing for you to note is (and read this carefully): You are not a statistic.

You can get any job that you want right out of college if you work hard enough and show your value to employers.

Even if your degree in itself may not mean anything, if you graduate at the top of your class with a 4.0 GPA, you’ve shown that you’re capable of doing anything you set your mind to and can do great things for whatever company you work for and that’s attractive as hell to potential employers.

Did you know that some corporations even send out talent scouts to get first dibs on the most impressive college students right out of graduating classes? This means that if you take advantage of college tutoring programs and excel in college, you might not even have to go looking for a job, a job will find you. And this isn’t a Soviet Russia joke; it’s the truth.

2. Make the Most out of College

Yes, you’ll have fun, forge relationships that will last your lifetime, and create memories you’ll never forget. But when we break it all down, you’re in college for one reason, and one reason only: to create a better future for yourself.

But college is expensive. Very expensive. College Board puts the average yearly tuition fees of public in-state college at $23,890, and private college at $32,410. Working some simple math on these figures, we can see that you’re paying an average of $65-90 every day. Even the days spent on your sofa binge-watching Netflix.

Of course, there’s financial aid and scholarships (which we’ll get to in a second), but the fact is that as you and your parents are paying through the nose, you owe it to yourself to make sure that the money’s being put to good use.

So since you owe it to yourself and your parents to make sure you finish on top, at a minimal cost you can sign up for college level tutoring programs that will increase your chances of graduating and acing all your classes as well.

3. Get More (and Better) Scholarships

Organizations just love giving money to bright young students who know how to ask.

Note: Not an actual scholarship fund

If you get a better GPA, then you’ll be able to win more scholarships to help reduce your tuition and living costs. Often times, you can even cover them completely!

4. Transfer To Your Dream University