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Technology-Powered Supplemental Tutoring. For Your Students, By Your Students.

Provide Equitable Access to Supplemental Peer-to-Peer Support

Instead of outsourcing supplemental support with costly online tutoring providers, partner with Knack to enable your high-achieving students to support their peers in any course — allowing you to fill in the gaps and ensure that no student is left behind.

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iOS, Android, & Web Platforms

Leverage 21st-century technology to meet students where they are and power the entire supplemental learning experience for tutors and tutees – matching, messaging, scheduling, meeting, and post-session feedback.

Built-In Tutor Training Program

In partnership with the College Reading & Learning Association (CRLA), we offer an online training module to ensure that tutors are adequately prepared to provide high-quality support to their peers.

Maximize & Scale Budgets

Allocate multiple budgets to impact outcomes - target supplemental support by college, department, and/or student population. Grow budgets by positioning peer tutoring as a sponsorship opportunity for campus partners.

Integrates with University Systems

Our Mobile & Web Platforms are Secure, Integration-Friendly, Single Sign-On (SSO) Ready, and FERPA Compliant.

Words From Our Community

Join the thousands who use Knack to improve student outcomes and develop future leaders.




Moez Limayem

Dean • USF Muma College of Business

Knack has allowed us to launch a scalable peer tutoring program covering many of the courses our tutoring center was unable to service. Not only did Knack's Campus Success Team and technology enable a simple roll-out, but their model of engaging employer partners as sponsors created a win-win and made it very affordable for our college. We are really excited to have Knack as a partner!

William Hudson Jr.

VP of Student Affairs • FAMU

It’s exciting to see first-hand the value Knack is bringing to our campus. Not only is this proving to be an efficient model for supplementing our academic support services, but it’s also been a great way to scale the meaningful employment opportunities that help our students develop the skills they’ll need to be successful after graduation

Gregg Cox

VP of Academic Affairs • Lynn University

Lynn University is excited to offer our students opportunities available through Knack. Not only will their technology help students improve their grades, but also creates flexible campus jobs for high-achievers.

George Kuh

NSSE Founder, High-Impact Practices Expert & Senior Advisor to Knack

I’m excited about Knack’s approach to helping colleges and universities harness technology to scale purposeful peer-to-peer interactions in ways that benefit both students and the institution.

Scott Weaver

Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer • ETS

Knack’s objectives are in line with ETS’ mission which includes bridging the gap between what employers want and what institutions are teaching. With Knack, we hope to be able to inform and boost students’ skills development along with positive academic and career outcomes.

Rick Shangraw Jr.

CEO • ASU Enterprise Partners

We are excited to collaborate with Knack to enhance and technologically enable peer tutoring, coaching, and mentorship services.

Marissa K.

Student • USF

What I like is the ability to keep the same tutor. I like how the tutor keeps up with my progress and knows the area I’m struggling with.

Stephanie A.

Student • UC Berkeley

With Knack, I can get help on nights & weekends. It is convenient and I enjoy the flexibility built into the app to use the community of tutors around me.

James F.

Tutor • FAMU

I never thought of tutoring in how it could benefit me. I got into tutoring because it was something I thought I was good at, not because I thought it could make me better.

Angela O.

Tutor • NC State

I initially wanted to make some money, but I’m realizing that the skills I'm building from tutoring will apply in other areas of my life. I also thought it was my job to teach students regularly, but it's really my job to make them experts on the subject so that they no longer need a tutor.

Jason C.

Student & Tutor • UF

This app functions really smooth, unlike some others I've tried out. The support team always gets back to me quickly with any questions. I use it for my upper-level courses and to offer my tutoring services to students in the classes I've mastered in my major. I love how easy it is to be a tutor on Knack, it's like getting paid to study and keep sharp on old concepts! I love it!

Meridith A.

Student • UCF

I like the one-on-one time I get with my tutor and how easy it is for me to change the meeting time when my schedule changes. It has been really great thus far.

The Best Way to Supplement Tutoring

Built for the 21st-century, enjoy one comprehensive solution that impacts your most important metrics.

65% of students had never used tutoring in college before Knack.

95% of students say that Knack makes a difference in their academic performance.

99% of students recommend Knack to their peers.

95% of students feel more confident after working with a tutor on Knack.

Students Can...

Find Course-Specific Help For Any Class

Get Help When & Where It’s Convenient

Enjoy Flexible, High-Impact Employment

Meet in a Comfortable Learning Environment

Track & Analyze Progress

Admins Can...

Provide Access to Academic Support For All Students & Classes

Set Tutor Qualifications & Campus-Approved Meeting Locations

Receive Data Usage Reports & Session Feedback

Unveil Unique Insights Into Areas of Need & Student Development

Increase Academic Persistence, Completion, and Student Engagement

Scalable Technology Impacting Your Key Metrics

Retain more students by increasing academic persistence & completion, scaling high-impact campus employment, and strengthening student engagement.

Fully Multiplatform

Accessible 24/7/365 via Web, iOS, and Android Apps.

Compliance-Friendly Integrations

Secure, integration-friendly, and FERPA compliant.

Verified & Badged Tutors

Badge and Verify Tutors with our built in CRLA-partnered Training.

Multimodal Sessions

Support one-on-one, group, on-campus, or online interactions (via built-in virtual conferencing).

Course-Specific Assistance

Integrate your institution’s course catalog to ensure sessions are course-specific.

Private & Public Sessions

Students can book private or public sessions that others may discover & join.

Robust Feedback System

Two-sided feedback system including reviews, recaps, and peer alerts.

Custom Budget Targeting & Control

Customizable budget-allocation by college, department, and student program.

24/7 Support & Chat

Students and admins enjoy 24/7 live chat and support.

Expand Your Reach with Knack

Move your initiatives forward by targeting populations through a unified platform.


Offer course-specific academic support within a specific college or department.

Student Populations

Target access to support services by population (e.g., athletes, TRiO, first-generation, low-income, historically underrepresented, etc.).

High-DFW Courses

Bolster 24/7 support for high-risk courses.

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