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Introducing Knack:

The Official Peer Tutoring Partner at
Marshall University

Knack is the leading peer-to-peer tutoring platform available on college campuses
across the country. Knack’s unique approach to student learning has helped institutions
to boost student satisfaction, academic outcomes, enrollment, and the institution's
overall reputation. 


Helping Students Learn From One Another

Knack Tutors are top-performing Marshall students who have excelled in the courses they are approved to tutor, ensuring
high-quality support. Tutoring is free for eligible students, with flexible options for online and in-person sessions available
before, during, and after traditional office hours. The Knack platform allows students to book one-on-one and group tutoring
services or sign up to become a tutor themselves.

Knack x Marshall Program Details


On Knack, free peer tutoring is currently available to all students in all courses at Marshall University.


Marshall students can become a tutor in any of the courses included in this program.


Benefits of being a Knack Tutor:

  • Students can earn an hourly rate of $15/hour

  • Students can tutor any courses in which they've earned a B or higher

  • Students maintain control over their own working hours

  • Students have the flexibility to help their peers online or in-person
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How You Can Help

Recommend a Tutor

Peer tutoring is a beneficial strategy for student success, benefiting
tutees through improved achievement, enhanced engagement,
better retention, individualized instruction, and targeted intervention.
You can recommend tutors at any time to help us recruit the best possible
students. Any students who have earned a B or higher in your
course(s) are eligible to tutor for Knack at Marshall. Click the button below
to submit a recommendation.

Upon receiving a recommendation, we will assist interested students in
creating a Knack Tutor account so they can begin helping their peers.
Interested students can also visit Marshall's tutor page to learn more.

Share Knack in Your Syllabus

You can place the following blurb in your syllabus to help direct students
in need of assistance:

"Students looking for additional assistance outside of the classroom are
advised to consider working with a peer tutor through Knack. Marshall has
partnered with Knack to provide students with access to verified peer tutors
who have previously aced this course. To view available tutors, visit and sign in with your student account."

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Peer-to-Peer Tutoring Has a Positive Impact on Both Tutees and Tutors

Peer tutoring has been shown to improve academic performance, enhance students' self-confidence, and reduce dropout
rates. Beyond these advantages, it fosters a collaborative learning environment, promotes effective communication and
critical thinking skills, and encourages leadership development among students. Overall, it not only supports student
success but also creates a more engaging and interactive classroom experience.

Student Benefits

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Students who receive peer tutoring report higher levels of academic confidence, motivation, and engagement (Hockings and Cooke, 2018).

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Peer tutoring has a positive impact on tutees' academic performance, as evidenced by increased exam scores and overall grades (Reis and Colbert, 2004). 

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Peer tutoring has a positive impact on tutees' critical thinking skills, as well as their ability to work collaboratively and communicate effectively (Trumbo et al, 2017).

Tutor Benefits

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Being a peer tutor helps students develop leadership skills, as well as improve their own academic performance (Stutzman Amstutz et al, 2017).

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Working as a peer tutor can have a positive impact on future career prospects, as employers value teamwork and leadership skills (Hagedorn & Credé, 2017).

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Peer tutoring can provide tutors with valuable experience that can be helpful in future academic and professional pursuits (Renzaglia et al., 2019).

Institutional Benefits

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Peer tutoring programs can help improve retention rates, which can result in significant financial benefits for colleges and universities (Davis et al, 2017; Hanover Research, 2018).

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Peer tutoring programs are effective in improving academic outcomes, particularly in courses with high levels of difficulty or low pass rates (Hockings & Cooke, 2018). 

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Peer tutoring can lead to increased student satisfaction and improved academic performance, which can result in increased enrollment and improved reputation for the institution (Hanover Research, 2018).

Want to learn more about the benefits of peer-to-peer tutoring?

Click here to read Knack's white paper about the impact and efficacy of peer tutoring.