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Knack can be used on-demand (find a tutor right now) or for the future (schedule a session before your exam). Knack is also traditionally cheaper than most other tutoring services out there. Typical tutoring services only serve larger/lower-level courses, Knack does not discriminate! Tutors are course-specific and many times even instructor-specific. Knack tutors are students or recent grads who have previously aced the course. So you can be sure you’ll learn exactly what you need to know, when you need to know it!
Knack integrates directly with your school's course catalog, so Tutors can sign up for any course. Currently Knack tutors cover almost 1,000 unique courses! That number is always growing
Check our our colleges page to see all of the schools Knack is live at.


Prices are fixed, but the rates are prorated exactly to the minute. The hourly rate for a Knack Tutor ranges depending on what the tutor has set his/her rate at. You can view the rate for each course by visiting the tutor’s profile.
We encourage you to do your best to make it to any session you’ve scheduled. If your session is scheduled within the hour, you have a five minute grace period to cancel. After that, there will be a $5 cancellation fee. For sessions that are scheduled more than an hour out, you may cancel without charge up to one hour before the session begins. Otherwise, there is a $5 cancellation fee.
We want to hear about it and ensure you’re taken care of! We will do anything and everything we can to help you out. E-mail us directly at or you may go into the app, navigate to the settings icon in the sidebar, and click “Chat with Knack Support”.


If you’ve received a favorable grade in your course(s) and feel comfortable helping others in them, snap a photo of your transcript reflecting your grades and submit it right through the app. We may reach out to you for additional information, if needed. Many times, you’ll be approved to tutor the same day you submit the necessary information!
Learn more about how to become a tutor on our help page which can be found here.
Work whenever you want! You can receive requests anytime. If you have a particularly busy week, it's no problem – just set your availability accordingly on your profile.
You may set your hourly rate for each course you tutor. 80% of your rate goes right into your Knack account, which gets direct deposited to your bank 2-3 business days after completing a session.
In the payments tab, please add your bank account information so our payment processor (Stripe) can disburse your earnings to your account every Thursday. Your disbursement will include earnings from sessions that occurred before the preceding Sunday.
Knack allows you to tutor up to 2 semesters after you graduate. If you’re a grad student, you’re able to tutor both undergraduate and graduate courses! If you feel you’re still capable of tutoring past that time frame, please sign up and shoot us a message with your qualifications/background. We’re always open to tutors with experience!

Learn more on the help page