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In the short term, the Knack interface will bridge gaps that our remote students are experiencing in terms of academic support, engagement with faculty, and connection to their peers. In the long term, we are hopeful that the platform will not only expand our tutoring opportunities for students but also provide a fertile ground for embedding a long-term peer-to-peer framework through our UF Quest program.

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Angela Lindner
Associate Provost for Undergraduate Affairs • University of Florida

Many students have lost their jobs as wait staff in restaurants and bars, as well as other areas, due to the COVID-19 crisis. This is one way we can help them replace lost earnings by creating their own job. It is a chance for students to see what it’s like to be an entrepreneur in a low-risk environment. What a great career and life lesson this could turn out to be for them!

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Susan Hanlon
Dean • University of Akron College of Business

I’m excited about Knack’s approach to helping colleges and universities harness technology to scale purposeful peer-to-peer interactions in ways that benefit both students and the institution.

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George Kuh
NSSE Founder, High-Impact Practices Expert & Senior Advisor to Knack

It’s exciting to see first-hand the value Knack is bringing to our campus. Not only is this proving to be an efficient model for supplementing our academic support services, but it’s also been a great way to scale the meaningful employment opportunities that help our students develop the skills they’ll need to be successful after graduation.

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William Hudson Jr.
VP of Student Affairs • Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University

Knack has allowed us to launch a scalable peer tutoring program covering many of the courses our tutoring center was unable to service. Not only did Knack's Campus Success Team and technology enable a simple roll-out, but their model of engaging employer partners as sponsors created a win-win and made it very affordable for our college. We are really excited to have Knack as a partner!

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Moez Limayem
Dean • University of South Florida Muma College of Business

Lynn University is excited to offer our students opportunities available through Knack. Not only will their technology help students improve their grades, but also creates flexible campus jobs for high-achievers.

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Gregg Cox
VP of Academic Affairs • Lynn University

We are excited to collaborate with Knack to enhance and technologically enable peer tutoring, coaching, and mentorship services.

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Rick Shangraw Jr.
CEO • Arizona State University Enterprise Partners

Knack’s objectives are in line with ETS’ mission which includes bridging the gap between what employers want and what institutions are teaching. With Knack, we hope to be able to inform and boost students’ skills development along with positive academic and career outcomes.

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Scott Weaver
Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer • ETS

A Platform That Students Love

We take a student-first approach to building tutoring technology. As a result, 65% of students that use Knack had never used campus tutoring before and 87% say they would use tutoring more often if delivered through Knack.

Student/Tutor Profiles via
iOS, Android, & Web Apps

Student-Tutor Matching

Online and On-Campus
Tutoring Sessions

Virtual Classroom, Chat,
and Whiteboard

Drop-In, and SI Tutoring

One-on-One and
Group Tutoring Sessions

Session Logging and
Time Tracking

Session Ratings and
Tutor Feedback

CRLA Tutor Training and
HIP Guided Reflection


Real-Time Insights at Your Fingertips

Collect centralized tutoring data to better assess operations, identify unmet demand, make actionable data-driven decisions, and showcase the impact of your program(s).

Knack App Admin Sessions View

Administrative Dashboard

Access your program usage data in real-time to ensure that you are actively meeting your students' needs. View data on students, tutors, matches, and sessions.

On-Demand Data Reports

Request PDF and CSV reporting on all key metrics. Data dumps include breakdowns of tutoring usage by course, student, tutor, week, month, and more.

Automatic Reporting Pulses

Receive daily, weekly, or monthly pulses with pre-configured data reports. Keep all program stakeholders up to date on tutoring usage metrics.

Tutoring Efficacy Model

Combine your tutoring program usage data with student outcome data to show the impact of your initiatives. Prove the ROI of your program to justify budget.


Ensure Equitable Access to Peer Support

Power your existing tutoring programs to increase the accessibility of your services and launch new programs to scale your impact. Use templates for common Staffed and Supplemental tutoring programs or create a fully custom program from scratch.


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Onboard your existing campus tutors.

Seamlessly increase their accessibility
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Supplemental Tutoring Programs

Onboard your high achieving students.

Flexibly scale support to supplement
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