Alpha Pi Mu Tutoring

UT APM's Mission:

To encourage wherever possible any movement which will advance the best interest of industrial engineering education. To further unify the student body of the Industrial Engineering Department in presenting its needs and ideals to the faculty. To create a closer student-faculty relationship by bringing together the needs and thoughts of both. To assist and cooperate with all organizations and persons working for the interest of industrial engineering. To benefit its members by the association and experience that can come from bringing together a group with similar interests, objectives, and abilities. To promote the professional welfare of all.

UT APM recognizes industrial engineering students with outstanding academic performance. As a member of the society, these students are able to access an expansive network of students and faculty who are also striving to learn more and push the boundaries on their educational experiences. We want to unify our industrial engineering community and provide a student-based academic support system for those students who are actively pursuing their academic interests. We can accomplish this by helping current and future students learn the core industrial engineering curriculum to best prepare them for their professional future.

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