Afrikan Student Union Tutoring

ASU is an organization that aims to facilitate a safe and inclusive space for African American students as well others who may be interested. It is the mission of the ASU at SDSU to serve all Afrikan people by working toward the upliftment of the Afrikan culture economically, politically, socially, and educationally both on the SDSU campus and in the greater San Diego community.

As an organization, the ASU works to build solidarity with the primary focus being among Afrikan students, and secondarily among all SDSU students. Through programming, the ASU seeks to instill pride in our rich culture and ancestral history, while serving as a resource base for Afrikan students. The ASU also serves to provide outreach services to youth in the greater San Diego community and is committed to the liberation and freedom of the mind, body, and spirit from a European worldview to an Afrikan-centered worldview. The ASU further exists to increase knowledge and awareness relevant to the history and contributions of Afrikan people and to foster dignity and respect for all.

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