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PEACE was inspired by the fact that a college education should not be about competing with peers and merely obtaining a grade, but rather about working with one’s peers to pursue genuinely one’s academic interests and make the most of all that college has to offer - both intellectually and socially.

This year, we are proud to bring you an improved user experience by partnering with Knack Technologies, including iPhone and Android apps and a simplified scheduling system. With Knack providing substantial backend support, PEACE serves as the peer knowledge base for the UC Berkeley community.

How It Works


Find your perfect tutor. Tutors are students that aced your exact class previously and are vetted by PEACE and Knack.


Select your tutor and use the Knack app to schedule a session (you will be prompted to download the Knack app).


Meet up and get the help you need. Use promo code PEACE to get a $10 credit towards any tutor.

Top Tutors at University of California-Berkeley


Jacqueline D.



Hi! My name is Jacqueline, and I am a P.E.A.C.E. Tutor. I am excited to work with you on all things Chemistry!

CHEM 1A General Chemistry, CHEM 1AL General Chemistry Laboratory, CHEM 3BL Organic Chemistry Laboratory


Jacob M.



I am a tutor for PEACE at UC Berkeley! Let me know if you need help and I'll try to accommodate your schedule :)

MATH 10A Methods of Mathematics: Calculus, Statistics, and Combinatorics

John L.



I am a freshman at UC Berkeley that took Calc AB and BC in high school, earning 5’s on both AP exams.

MATH 1A Calculus, MATH 10A Methods of Mathematics: Calculus, Statistics, and Combinatorics, MATH 110 Linear Algebra


Ankur G.

I am PEACE tutor who would love to help any students in MCB 102! I have experience in tutoring this subject in the past.

MCELLBI 102 Survey of the Principles of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology


Sunaya K.

I'm a PEACE tutor with many years of experience. I'm here to help you out :)!

CHEM 1A General Chemistry, CHEM 1AL General Chemistry Laboratory, BIOLOGY 1B General Biology Lecture and Laboratory

Himakar N.

have tutored for over four years, have tutored a few students In the past. am a peace tutor

CHEM 3A Chemical Structure and Reactivity, BIOLOGY 1A General Biology Lecture


We integrate directly with your school's course catalog, so tutors can sign up for any course. Currently Knack tutors cover over 2,200 unique courses! That number is always growing :)
PEACE Tutors are free, however for any tutors listed on Knack who do charge, you may enter promo code ‘PEACE’ to get $10 off your first session
Knack is a mobile app that empowers students who’ve aced their classes to sign up and help their peers - PEACE has partnered with Knack to bring an improved user experience (mobile first) to students at UC Berkeley seeking tutors. Knack simply handles all the logistics: messaging, scheduling, billing, rating/reviewing.
If you need help finding a tutor or have any questions about PEACE contact: If you are having problems with the website or apps contact

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