Tau Beta Pi - California Sigma Tutoring

The California Sigma chapter of Tau Beta Pi works to create and network a community of engineers across all departments and disciplines. Our goal is to supply resources that will provide value to all engineering majors at UCSB so that our members and the entire engineering student body will grow into well-rounded individuals that will make outstanding impacts beyond their college years.

Community service projects, tutoring sessions, and engineering technology talks are a few of the things we do to provide value to the engineering student body and to ensure that we exude the Tau Beta Pi creed of “Integrity and excellence in engineering.”

How It Works


Explore tutors that aced your exact class and have been vetted by Knack.


Select your tutor and use the Knack app to schedule a session.


Meet up with your tutor on campus and get the help you need.


Who is Knack? Why do I need to download an app?


Knack is a mobile app that empowers students who’ve aced their classes to sign up and help their peers. Knack handles all the logistics: messaging, scheduling, billing, rating/reviewing.

Which classes do you cover?


We integrate directly with your school's course catalog, so tutors can sign up for any course. Currently Knack tutors cover over 2,200 unique courses! That number is always growing :)

I'm having an issue. Who do I contact?


If you need help finding a tutor or have any questions, please contact support@joinknack.com.

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