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Whether you are an experienced tutor, or you're just getting started - Knack is the perfect platform for you.

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Tutor Success

Getting Started

Course Specific

You can tutor any course in which you've received at least an A-, so there's no need to be a complete expert in your field. All you need is a knack for the class and the desire to help others succeed.

Charge Any Rate

You choose your hourly rate. Unsure of how much to charge? Use our guide to price yourself competitively.

7 Day Marketing Plan

Whether you are jump-starting your business, or trying to take it to the next level, we give you the marketing tools you need to reach your goals. This plan includes 7 marketing tactics proven to help new students find you.

Existing Clients?

Use Knack without any fees. That's right, you keep 100% of your earnings from students that you bring onto the platform – we even cover the cost of payment processing.

Your Profile

Your profile is the face of your business. We do everything to help you make your profile stand out.

Customizable Profile URL

You can personalize your profile URL. This makes it easy for students to find you, and lets you add an extra personal touch to your business.

Session Ratings

Collect ratings/reviews from your students after each session. The more ratings you have, the higher you rank in search results.

The Perfect Bio

You are unique, so is your bio. We will help you best sell yourself by guiding you through the process of building a stellar bio.

Collect Reviews

Organize ratings/reviews from your students all in one place. Student reviews are the most powerful part of your profile.


Earn Badges

Badges are an excellent way to make your profile stand out. Get your “Past TA” badge when you sign up, or work your way up to being a “Top Tutor”.

Getting Students

Knack makes it easier than ever to acquire new students, giving you the proper tools to maximize exposure and exponentially grow your clientele.

Marketplace Exposure

Students come to Knack looking for tutors, and we show them your profile. Both on the web and in the mobile app.


Marketing Assistant

Automate your digital marketing efforts, with optimized posts, across a wide range of social media platforms.

Student Referrals

While still getting paid, your students can refer you new business by sharing $20 in tutoring credit with their friends. Once their friend has their first session with you, they will receive $20 credit in return. You get new students ,and all of your existing students earn credit to use with you – it's a win-win!

Search Engine Optimized

Expand the reach of your profile with search engine optimization. We make it easy for students in need to find you by optimizing your profile for search engines.

Custom Business Cards and Flyers

Gain access to high-quality design templates for all of your physical marketing needs.


Set Your Availability

Work when you want. Set your availability to let students know when you're accepting sessions.

Session Requests

Each request includes a course, duration, proposed day/time, and location. Accept the session or propose changes directly in the app.


Never worry about a miscommunication. Chat about session details through in-app messaging for streamlined interactions.

Quick Rescheduling

One click session rescheduling makes it easy to get future sessions on the calendar.


Session Timer

Use our session timer to ensure complete accuracy, transparency and automatic transfer of payments. You hourly rate will be prorated to the minute. Simply start and end the session timer when you please.

Log sessions

Don't want to use the session timer? That's fine, just manually log the session after you finish to confirm completion and initiate payment.

Group sessions

Earn a higher rate by working with multiple students at once. Each student pays less too, so it's a win-win.

Flat Rate Sessions

Create sessions with a fixed price, so all students pay the same fee for attendence.



Timing sessions provides transparency and ensures that that you get paid what you deserve (and students only pay for what they receive).

Payout (as fast as Venmo)

Get paid out every day. Payments are initiated after each completed session, and should arrive in your bank account within 2-3 days. No waiting until the end of the week to get paid.

Accept Cards

Accept credit and debit card payments from your students.


Provide Discounts

You can use this feature to reward your loyal students or incentivize new ones to work with you.


Earn Tips

Students can easily tack on a little extra to reward you for an excellent session.


Sell Packages

Lock in your students long-term by offering them a bulk package at a discounted rate.

Tutor Success

Collect your data

Easily keep track of valuable metrics like hours tutored, students helped, total money earned, 5 star ratings, and more.

Tutor Rewards

Get rewarded for your excellence with exclusive swag, cash bonuses, and promotional placement within the app.

Your Tutor Resume

Download all your tutoring data. Properly formatted and ready to be sent to potential employers, and/or admissions offices.

Customer Service

We succeed when you succeed. We are available 24/7/365 to help you in any way that we can! We work for you.

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