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James S.

Senior Honors Biochemistry Major. 3 years tutoring experience, tutored 35+ students. 3.93 STEM GPA. Dean’s list 5/7 semesters


I am a senior Honors Biochemistry Major with a second major in Greek and Roman Civilizations. I have a STEM GPA of 3.93 and an overall GPA of 3.88. I have been accepted to Veterinary School and will be starting it this coming fall. I have conducted research for 5 semesters and one summer. In my tutoring I have helped 35+ students including many who struggled due to attending high school’s with inadequate STEM teaching programs. I am familiar with both the Pre-med and Pre-vet application processes. I am open to and encourage group studying. I love tutoring and teaching and hope that I can help you with all of your needs! Private tutor for 3 years. I have TAed both CHEM 10171 and 10172 for two years. I have gotten As in all of the courses that I am able to tutor. I started out pre-med before switching to Pre-vet so I know a lot about both of those career paths and am glad to offer advice in those areas as well as for scheduling and applying for summer research positions.


I am available afternoons and evenings Monday thru Thursday. I am also available most Sundays all day. I prefer to meet students on campus but can accommodate pretty much anything.

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