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Emma C.

College Station, TX


I love making difficult concepts into easy ones and I'm super passionate about math! I aspire to be a programmer/teacher?

Heyo!! I'm an applied maths-computer science major with a minor in Spanish. I have a 4.0, and even though I'm a sophomore, I'm taking a lot of upper level classes like linear algebra. I had a tutoring business in high school where I taught math up to advanced calculus and Spanish. I love helping people understand difficult concepts, especially in math! Whether you need help with derivatives or Spanish deixis, I'm your girl! Hope to hear from you! I have four years of tutoring experience where I built my own business from one client to 14 at the end of high school. I would love to add new names to that list, so message me if you're interested in improving your grades and increasing understanding! I love rock climbing, black coffee, ukuleles, and vinyl records. I know that makes me sound hipster but that's me?


I am free Mondays and Fridays all day, Tuesdays and Wednesdays after 2, and the weekends irregularly.


Texas A & M University-College Station