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Kate L.

Grand Forks, ND


Junior, Political Science major. 4.0 GPA. I was an English tutor for a year and also tutored biology and teachings courses.

Junior Political Science major and History minor with a 4.0 so far! I was hired as an English tutor at Williston State College for a year before transferring to UND. I worked with public speaking students mostly, but helping students write and edit papers is my main strength. While there, I was apart of the Phi Theta Kapa Honors Society and was involved with their community service projects. I have a passion for justice and plan on going to law school after graduation. 1 year employed at Williston State College as a communications/English tutor. 1 year private tutoring in speech, biology, and teaching courses. I competed in speech and debate for three years in high school and am now on the Mock Trial team!


Tuesday and Thursday mornings/early afternoons are usually open. Monday/Wednesday/Friday afternoons are usually open but it depends on the day and week. I can work around most schedules though!


University of North Dakota