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Sylvia W.

Chapel Hill, NCAvailable Online


I'm an ENGL/PSYC major on the Dean's List & I like to procrastinate by helping other people through difficult papers.

I'm a Junior on the Dean's List studying ENGL and PSYC with a GPA of 3.885. (Shout out to math gen eds for keeping me below 3.9; not cool.) I am skilled at facilitating thesis development and clarity of argument, and I'm happy to avail myself as either a brainstorming buddy or a proofreader. I aced four 100-300 level COMM courses before deciding to drop my COMM major, and I am eligible to assist with understanding of COMM material and formulation of papers for most COMM classes 100-300. I have a nuanced grasp of the material from these classes and enjoy simplifying the concepts from them, as well as asking questions to help others understand these concepts. I'm actually pretty basic, but sometimes I read theology books for fun, which is weird.


I'm available on campus (and wherever) Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays after 5, as well as Thursdays after 1.


University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

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