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Kartik K.

Atlanta, GA


I'm a grad student passionate about Phys and Math.Been a TA for Intro Phys 1,2 and QM.Would love to help out with Phys & Calc

I'm a Physics Grad Student with a 4.0 GPA. I love teaching and have been a TA for 5 semesters and taught Physics in various formats. I love to breakdown and simplify concepts so that students can grasp and apply them quickly in problems and see relevance of the concepts in real-life. So whether it's starting from basics or advanced problem-solving, I got your back! I have been a TA for 5 semesters and have tutoring experience for more than a year. I have worked on designing content for educational websites and am also undertaking programs in Teaching and Learning to enhance my teaching skills. I am a graduate from IITB which gave me a strong knowledge base in Physics. I love teaching, adventure sports and meditation.


All weekday (other than Tuesday) evenings after 6pm. Anytime on the weekend.


Georgia Institute of Technology