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N'Kaela W.

Arts and Letters student. 4.0 GPA in high school. Can help tutor in math up to Calc AB, Writing, and Reading, etc.


Hey I am a First Year Student I'm the College of Arts and Letters. I love to help people in a lot of different areas. As an experienced tutor in highschool with students in grades below and above me, I have learned different methods of achieving the correct answer other than giving answers. As the previous President of the National Honor Society in highschool, I set up a school wide tutoring session to help students in specific areas. Also as a student in AP Calc BC, I was asked to help tutor students in my class as well as students in AP Calc AB. I love to help people ! I also love music and to play the guitar and piano.


I am available Mondays and Wednesdays after 3.

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University of Notre Dame