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Jen G.

Gainesville, FL


SLP graduate student. Large background in math & science. Ended with A’s in every class (over 100% in all math classes at UF)

Hey! I’m a first year speech-language pathologist graduate student at the University of Florida. I graduated from UF with my major in Communication Sciences and Disorders. I graduated with Cum Laude, Dean’s List, and Anderson Scholar’s Award. I have a lot of background in math and science, having taken courses up to Calculus 1 and Organic Chemistry at UF. I received very high grades in these classes and love teaching this information. As a student who also loves information simplified, my goal as a tutor is to help you understand the information in the easiest, most concise way possible! I’m always looking to help students out so feel free to request or message me at any point to figure out a time to meet! I have three years of tutoring experiences in science and math classes. I love science and math. However, that wouldn’t be possible without coffee :)

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