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Andrew B.

Notre Dame, IN


Experienced with Chemistry and Math, I work to help develop understanding of the material so it can be applied successfully

I’m a current Junior who is a Chemistry major and an ex-Math major. All the courses I tutor I have also received at least an A minus in. I’ve tutored before and I really enjoy working through problems and concepts in a way that fosters understanding. I have a distinct passion for the subjects I tutor, and I’m very committed to teaching them. Feel free to contact me if you think I can help you! Tutor for the last 6 months, I’ve also done academic research in the kuno group for 2.5 years and spent this past summer working to set up an academic lab. I’m also a junior Chemistry student at Notre Dame so I have gone through chemistry course up to physical chemistry 1. I really love helping others and seeing the look on their face as they come to understand things that used to confuse them.


Monday 2pm-12am Tuesday 6pm-12am Wednesday 2pm-12-am Thursday 6pm-12am Friday 2pm-7pm Saturday 10am-11am (depending on game day) Sunday 10am-12am(except when the patriots play)


University of Notre Dame