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Angelo C.

Sophomore biochem major. 3.8 GPA with a background in tutoring chem and biology. Basic calculus is also a strength.


Sophomore at UMass Amherst with a current GPA of 3.8. Majoring in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and I have helped students in my high school AP chemistry and biology classes, but nothing very official until now. Got a 4 in AP Chem and bio exams and a 5 in AP Calculus AB but my strengths are in chemistry and biology mostly. I literally know chemistry and biology like the back of my hand, so I am more than ready to spread the knowledge. I am not studying to be a teacher but something about helping other students just feels right, so I'm excited to work with whomever needs help with math, chem or bio! 1 year of basic tutoring in chemistry and biology. Member of UPC club at UMass Amherst. Also worked at Mad Maggie's Ice Cream shop for 3+ years Especially with concepts in biology and chemistry, I am a very visual learner and I believe that is an easy way for students to understand complex concepts. I can communicate these concepts in clear and concise English which I believe is a tough but valuable skill.


Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings before 10:30 and nights after 5, Tuesdays between 2 and 7 and Thursday afternoons and nights after 2. Saturday and Sunday all day, but UPC could conflict on the weekends but mainly in the afternoon to night

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