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Abed N.

Orlando, FL


On my journey to med school and I want to help students reach their academic goals in their own unique learning environment!

Hey! I'm a senior Biomedical Sciences major on the Deans List (high GPA). I want to use my knowledge to help you achieve your dreams! I love working with people and I got A's in some really tough classes like Orgo 1 and Medical Biochemistry. I know my stuff and I'm going to ensure you do too! Hmu anytime and I will make you great! I tutored for 3 years in high school in lots of subjects and I currently tutor students just like you now! I also volunteer at an urgent care/family physician so I can take your vitals if you want and I'm working on finding the cure to Alzheimer's Disease in a research lab. I can fix pretty much anything broken that I lay my hands on (your GPA too) and I can throw playing cards with accuracy that would impress your mom.


Mon/Wed/Fri anytime after 2:30pm. If I'm not busy on the weekends I'm free anytime.


University of Central Florida