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Aislyn G.

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Hey! My name is Aislyn. I'm a Marine Science and Geology double major with a minor in GIS. You're in good hands with me!

Major: Marine Science Major: Geology Minor: GIS GPA: 3.4 Research: Mineral Microsampling Lab, Diatom and Sediment Core Analysis, Coral Reef studies, Oysters of the Carribean I used to tutor in high school and worked in a freshmen mentoring program to help them through their first year. I've had two internships. My first one was Biology based studying Coral Reefs in Honduras for 6 weeks. My second was Geology based study sediment cores and diatoms from the Mississippi Plume. Both integrated my Marine science major. I worked for the UA Rec center for 2 years as a Program Assistant for the Competitive Sports Division so working with people and dealing with the stress of others is right up my alley. I'm also in the Marine Science Club and the Geology Club on campus. I'm just a homegrown ginger from Indiana finding my way to the ocean.


Any weekday and weekends


The University of Alabama

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