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Alexander O.

Denver, CO


I'm a calculator and a dictionary. Political Science major with a background in Business. On Dean's List.

I'm currently a senior at CSU. I earned my AA degree in Business Administration while I was in Florida. I'm currently a Political Science major, but am considering law school or an MBA after graduation. I made the Dean's List last semester and I plan on doing it again. I'm very good at math, especially algebra. I love forensics which is why I took the class and aced it. I'd love to share my knowledge with anyone and everyone! I tutored algebra during my sophomore and junior years of high school. I was a TA as well for an algebra class during my senior year.


Thursday and Friday from 9am to 9pm MST, Saturday thru Wednesday from 8pm to midnight MST. I look forward to working with you! ~Starting 9/24


Colorado State University-Fort Collins

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