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Alireza B.

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Good at solving problems as well as providing clear explanation of simple concepts using more visual examples.

I am a PhD student at NC state Physics department. I worked as a TA for PY 205 Physics for Scientists and Engineers 1 (SCALE-UP Version) in my first year and it was truly a unique experience due to the class environment. I've been a volunteer tutor at physics tutor center for a year now and help students with PY 205-11 and advanced physics. In college, I tutored students in mathematical physics and classical and electromagnetic theory courses and had the experience of being a TA for a graduate level mathematical physics class for two years in a row. Currently, I am teaching PY 131 at NC State. As a theoretical physicist, I know the struggles of students in learning physics based on certain abstract rules and mathematical constructions and formulas, which sound confusing and non-instructive to less sophisticated readers. My approach is similar to that of SCALE-UP.


Any day during the week is fine except Wednesdays 12-2pm. Time is flexible otherwise but I prefer afternoons between 1pm-3pm


North Carolina State University at Raleigh

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