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Amaya M.

Salt Lake City, UT


Phd in physics major. 4 years of TA in discussion session in General Physics.

Hi, I am currently a PhD RA in physics and I’ve been discussion session TA for phys2210 for 4 years. I can help walk through classical physics problems by providing typical problem solving skills and reconnecting with the basic theory so as to better understand difficult concepts. You may also want some interdisciplinary introduction about the laboratory research or simulations relating to optics and photonics in both engineering and physics. I can do it both in English and Chinese. Hope we both find the tutoring hours enjoyable and rewarding. 4 yrs TA for PHYS2210, as mentioned twice previously... two summers in private tutoring in physics. Time Length in TA and RA in physics, I guess… maybe language...


Available in weekends or holidays.


University of Utah