Ashley R.

Finance Major with a 4.0 GPA. Currently a junior. Excellent at breaking subjects down into its simple form for understanding.


Hi! I’m a junior majoring in Finance and currently have a 4.0 GPA. I’ve excelled in my finance, accounting, and business analytics courses and am very good at breaking these subjects down to the bare bones and presenting them in the simples and easiest way for understanding. I️ have all previous courses books and notes for the courses I️ have listed on my page. I’m always excited to help students in anyway I️ can! I’ve actually never tutored for money before, normally it was just something I️ was able to do when I️ had the free time to help students out who were struggling. I️ previously, during my two years of community college, was a general manager of a pizza change called Marcos Pizza for two years. I️ currently work as a sale associate at Dillard’s, so I️ have plenty of experience in the management and free lance areas of business. I’m a twin. My sister and I️ always had the same classes and sometime the subjects did not come as easy to her as it did for me. My earliest times of tutoring we’re studying with her and I️ found that I️ had a great ability to break down subjects to their simplest forms. I️ love sports and working out, I️ played 4 sports in high school and miss every minute of it, so when I️ do something I️ commit my whole heart into it.


My availability is very scarce until the spring semester of 2018. If you know you’ll need help with any of the courses I️ have listed for the Spring please contact me.

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