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Angelo R.

Las Vegas, NV


Anthropology/Philosophy double major on Dean's List. 5's on all AP tests, experience tutoring high school and some undergrad.

I'm a sophomore on the dean's list majoring in Anthropology and Philosophy. I'm your classic liberal arts student with deep interests in social sciences, English, and history. I was a speech and debate nerd in high school, and currently split my time between archaeology work and political activism. I love teaching and hope to go into academia, might get a law degree on the way, who knows ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 33/2100 ACT/SAT, National AP scholar (4.64 average across 11 tests), A's in all courses offered, 160 LSAT. I have tutored people on the ACT/SAT off and on for the last few years, expanding into some AP subjects recently. I am still heavily involved in the high school speech and debate community, coaching students and volunteering at tournaments. Due to this I like to consider communication one of my strongest qualities. I'm an officer in the Anthropology Society on campus, and conduct research on atlatls and leather processing in Dr. Harry's lab. I learn best when the teacher is passionate, so I hope to be that passionate teacher for others!


Available most weekends, and week day evenings. Tuesdays are the only day I'm not available at all.


University of Nevada-Las Vegas