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Bryan A.

Accepted med school student promising to help struggling students love education. 3.83 GPA, Dean's list, dozens of awards


Bachelor's in Biology (Graduated), 3.83 GPA. Big vision of becoming a psychiatrist in US Air Force. Previous tutor mentor at UNLV, involved in various service organizations, and have a huge knack for giving back to the community what they deserve. Let's not talk about my awards and such (just see my resume ;) ), but let's instead talk about how much I love taking care of you. My guarantee to you - I will make sure you walk away from each tutoring session feeling refreshed and high on knowledge. Learning should be exciting, not a pain in the ___. 2 years of tutoring experience, 1 of which was in a leadership role. Tutored nearly every general BIOL & CHEM course. Was a part of Air Force ROTC leading and developing future leaders, and was involved in various service organizations to simply give back to the community. My uniqueness as a tutor: I know how you think, and I tend to listen, and listen very well. My heart is in every word I share with you, that I promise. I'm going to UNR med school on a full scholarship paid for by the Air Force. Why med school? I am very driven to do nothing but see you and the world become better to live with. I may bust out some cool Latin dance moves every once in awhile ;)


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