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Chris S.

Hey guys! My name is Chris Soltis I am an environmental geoscience major with a knack for Biology, Geology, Geography


I am a senior environmental geoscience major with a a strong gpa and have expertise in Biology, Geology, Geography, oceanography and planetary science. I plan on going on to get my masters after graduation and want to teach as a TA while doing so. I hope to receive my PhD so i can teach full time as a professor. I’ve always been an excellent student in the courses I offer tutoring and am willing to sit with you as long as it takes to give you the information you need. I’ve been in your shoes before and know how stressful testing and struggling in a class can be so I’m here to help.


Mondays after 1:00, Tuesday’s days after 11:00, Thursday’s between 11:00 and 2:00 but after 2 i can be with you all night if need be. Fridays: anytime after 1:00

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Mississippi State University

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