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Darian C.

Grand Forks, ND


Junior math major and professional tutor! I understand how difficult and imposing math can be. I'd love to help you succeed!

Hey there! I'm a junior math student double-minoring in physics and computer science with a 3.7 GPA. My interests are in the fields of data science and data science as well as machine learning. I've been tutoring for over a year now with experience working privately, in groups, and online. I know math can be tough. I have a passion for helping students learn the concepts in a way that's both simple and intuitive. If you think I can help you, shoot me a message and we'll get to work! I'm in my 3rd year studying math at UND. I've worked as a peer math tutor on campus for over a year now. I'm also a certified tutor on and have experience as a freelance private tutor. When I'm not doing math or programming, I love studying martial arts such as taekwondo, kung fu, aikido, and boxing.


Most Tuesday and Thursday mornings as well as weekends.


University of North Dakota