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Diego G.

Tallahassee, FL


Senior Mechanical Engineering student. I have tutored in math and sciences since HS and would be happy to help you learn

Fifth Yr Senior Mechanical Engineering Student, 3.5 GPA CALC W/ANALYT GEM I A CALC W/ANALYT GEM II A- CALC W/ANALYT GEM III B GENERAL PHYS A A- GENERAL PHYS B B+ GEN CHEM I A Math club president in HS, I have been a private tutor since 11th grade and have helped other students and friends understanding these subjects in my university years Private tutor since 11th grade, was offered a position tutoring at the ACE learning center, due to low pay I decided not to go that way. As of now I’m working for FSU engineering services and I’m looking for a side gig where I can help other students and make some extra $ I can tutor both English and Spanish if that may interest you. I’m very easy going, patient , and social.


Pretty open schedule my job allows me to structure my hours and so most likely than not I can be there when you need me. I am taking a scuba diving on Mon and Wed at night until July 31. During the Fall I have practice with the soccer club on Tuesdays and Thursdays at night so maybe not then


Florida State University