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Dillon J.

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Honors Deans List Wildlife Major. President of Zoological Society and Animal Behavior Society. Undergraduate Researcher

Howdy! I am Wildlife and Fisheries Science Major with a Psychology Minor on the Deans List. I have extensive field work with wildlife and ecology. I am President of 2 organizations, and a current Undergraduate Research Scholar. Education is my passion and have tutored students and peers since High School. My method is to teach you how to study, why the concept works, and to help you understand the best way to tackle the subject at hand. I hope to hear from you soon! Tutoring Experience: 5 years (Since High School). Job: Assisstant at Department of Undergraduate Research. Involvement: President Zoological Society, President Animal Behavior Network, Undergraduate Research Ambassador, Undergraduate Research Scholar, Ecological Interpretor with The Urban Interface Academics: I excelled in the Biology 111 and 112. 112 is my more familiar to me as my major revolves around taxonomy. If you need help with Biological Sciences, Ecology, or Psychology I bet I can help! I have a goldendoodle named Dudley and like long walks on the beach with my hair flowing in the wind. My girlfriend and I are competing in a 24-hour race as the team "Tarzan and Jane".


Most afternoons past 2. Weekends are open but subject to change.


Texas A & M University-College Station

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