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Dylan E.

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Tuscaloosa, AL


Senior Aero Eng Major. Minor in Mech Eng and Math. Over 4.0 GPA. President's List. Every class I tutor I have aced before!

Hi! I'm a senior majoring in Aerospace Engineering, and I'm minoring in Mechanical Engineering and Mathematics. I have an over 4.0 GPA, and I've been on the President's List every semester! I'm very friendly and very understanding. My academic qualifications allow me to break down complex concepts into easy-to-understand examples. I want to see you grow as a student! I have great experience tutoring friends throughout high school and college: I am everyone's go-to tutor! I am able to tutor on a very wide range of topics, so don't be afraid to contact me. I can most definitely help you get that A! I will make sure you understand the material in order to prepare you for the future! I will give you my full attention. You can't go wrong calling on me for help!


During the week, I'm available after 7pm on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Ask about weekends.


The University of Alabama

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