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Luke E.

Decade-long tutor, 4-time published researcher, science lover, and chiller. Get ready for some complex concepts made easy!


Degree in biology with a minor in business, I’ve worked in various genetic and microbiological labs for 4 years. Currently doing a bioinformatics project using chemical simulations for ribosomal profiling under Dr. Katsura Asano in KSU’s biology department. Plans to attend medical school and continue future research in genetic manipulation. Specialty in all things biology related, good with all things science. I’ve tutored for many years and have a “knack” for not only understanding things but presenting the information in a way anyone can understand! 10 years of tutoring (mainly biology related), practicum for Biol 198, worked in 3 different labs (genetics, microbiology, and biology) and just love teaching. I’m good at it, and I make sure you UNDERSTAND IT. Very little memorizing involved, I teach you why things are, not how they are. I love learning but I hate the “game” of school! My entire life, in nearly every class I’ve taken, my test grades are the only thing keeping my grade afloat! I hated doing homework and projects because they were forcing me to learn in a way that wasn’t my way. I’d get terrible homework grades, and then ace the test because I would still actually learn the material!


Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday/Sunday 12pm-8pm

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