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Jacob B.

Mountain Grove, MO


I tutor online in many areas and have been tutoring through Grizzly Tutoring Lab for 2 years also i tutor at TRIO and Chegg.

Straight a's in every Chemistry Coarse. I am a hard working tutor that never gives up on a student. I always redirect students to resources to help them. In other words they have to do there own work, I just supervise and guide them through it all. I have tutored for 3 years total and love to meet new people. I tutor for approximately 5 different tutoring places. I am just running into issues where students do not come in as often because of how much better they are doing and then I have no one to tutor for awhile. I am trying to combat this problem by working through various outlets. I have always loved science and I like to learn more than anything. If I could be paid in knowledge that would be my inspiration. I believe in checking and rechecking work because it could be wrong if do not check more than once. People just want to be done. I just want to be thorough..


Monday through Friday 6pm to midnight Saturday through Sunday 12 pm to midnight


University of Florida

Missouri State University-West Plains

Drury University

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