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Ernest K.

Norcross, GA


French system GPA 3.0. Really good in Maths (algebra to trigo), organik chem and physic.

I'm Ernest from Cameroon. French is my first language. My major is Engineering. I have a High school and my GPA is 3.0. I have one year to get my bachelor. I have been teaching since I was in high school till university for 4 years in Cameroon. Even now I'm still tutoring my friend via video calls because they always say I'm the best. I have 20 students from back home and 6 friends in USA that's because I don't know enough people. I also tutored in another high school which was very interesting and I liked it. It was a great experience. I can explain the same thing many times in different methods, from the easiest to the most difficult and I'm funny too.


Monday and Tuesday (anytime), Wednesday to Friday (5pm to 11pm)


Georgia Institute of Technology

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