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Fadi E.


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I'm the guy sitting in the front row, constantly heckling the lecturer w/ questions. Never was afraid to ask stupid questions


My name is Fadi. I'm a student of Economics and an aspiring Data Scientist. I am graduating this fall. Although Maths has always come naturally to me, what's more rewarding is my ability to translate my passion unto others so effectively, making them grasp the subject better. Friends in school had always turned to me for help, claiming my style was better than the teacher's. When I originally started college, I didn't really take that many maths courses, as I was placed right into Calc I. But I did tutor my neighbour all the way through MATH 127, so I have enough exposure to the material. I pretty much averaged 100% in my Accounting and Economics courses so I can be of tremendous help there as well. I am also Bilingual.


Mondays and Wednesdays. Possibly weekends, it depends if I happen to be on campus

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University of Nevada-Las Vegas