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Andrew F.

Norman, OK


Senior Mech E with a 3.68 in major, 3.7 overall. Strong engineering foundation, willing to tutor these subjects extensively.

I am currently a senior at The University of Oklahoma, pursuing a Master’s in Mechanical Engineering. I’ve always had a knack for the maths and sciences, so I am always more than happy to chat about anything you’re having trouble with. I’ve taken just about every undergrad class I need at this point and aced the majority of my engineering/math courses. I have steadily shown my aptitude with a 3.68 in my major and 3.7 overall. I have been able to stay afloat for 4 years of engineering and balance a social life, so I wouldn’t say I’m your typical engineer. I know how to study hard all week, then go cheer for my team on Saturdays!


I am available any day after 4:30 and Tues and Thurs between 12:00-2:30.


University of Oklahoma