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Gene C.

Orlando, FL


Aerospace Engineering major, 3.6 GPA, tutor for four years. I know the tips and tricks to help you pass your class.

Hello there! My name is Gene, I’m an Aerospace Engineering sophomore with a current 3.56 GPA. I’ve tutored many students for many years, and can surely help you pass courses that look pretty grim. While I am studying engineering, I believe it is my true passion to teach, and I love doing it. As someone who has struggled through the courses you’re pushing through now, I can give the tips and secrets I’ve learned to make your lives easier. Message me if you want to pass your class! I Private tutor for 4 years, teaching undergraduate courses like Physics, Chemistry, and various Maths. Experienced in low-level engineering courses as well, such as Statics. In my free time, I enjoy video games on Steam as well as tabletop games like Dungeons & Dragons. As a hobby, I also watch and discuss movies avidly.


Monday mornings Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday nights Weekends


University of Central Florida