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Guy F.

Tallahassee, FL


Aced all my courses & have experience tutoring. I know how these classes are taught, structured, & designed here at FSU!

Majors: Business Management & International Affairs GPA: 3.9 Year: Junior Awards: President's List for the last 4 semesters. I have experience tutoring family and friends here at FSU. I'm good at talking to people and making things clear. I am a member of the Phi Delta Theta fraternity and have actually been sought out by fellow brothers and Greek life students for tutoring services. Yes I get straight A's & have a great GPA, but I'm not one of those "school is my life" students. I workout, go out, have fun, & live up my college life. I'm just good with balance & understand how these courses work in order to study wisely instead of heavily. I can help you get A's in all your courses while still having a life.


Anytime Friday-Monday. 8am-1pm on Tuesday-Thursday. That's my general availability. Messsage me with dates/times and we can figure it out.


Florida State University

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