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James G.

Valrico, FL


I'm an Electrical Engineering student, previously employed at Mathnasium tutoring center. Received all As in Calc finals.

Electrical Engineering is my major, I hope to graduate in 3 semesters. I was in the 99% percentile on the math portion of the SAT and carry a 3.4 mathematics gpa. I received a 99% on my calc 3 final and a 97% on my calc 2. I worked at Mathnasium, which is a math tutoring center for a bout a year until it started conflicting with school. I love math, which is why I chose electrical engineering as my career. Working out and studying are two of the main activities I do.


Monday any time besides 330-445pm Tuesday any times besides 8-930am 5-615pm Wednesday any time besides 330-445pm 5-715pm Thursday any times besides 8-930am 5-615pm Friday and time after 3

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