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If you don't understand the work that is given to you, come to me and i promise ill do all that i can do!!

Greetings and Humble Salutations, My name is Dalecia Peterson a 4th year Pre-Medicine Student from Tallahassee Fl. Ever since High School i have always had a great passion for helping people with anything. I was always a very strong student when it came to math specifically. I have been given the honor of Tutoring at different Summer Camp while in High School and College. I have tutored at Daycares for Afterschool Programs for 1st - 5th grade. I also have done at home tutoring, where i come to them and help them with their homework or they come to me. I have recently gained an interest in Physics so for this particular program that is what i would like to focus on. Not only will i tutor Physics but i also want to make it fun by incorporating games and small activities to help the students retain the knowledge.

FAMU Tutor


Monday 10-12pm, Tuesday and Thursday 11-1pm and 5-8pm, Wednesday 10-12pm and 5-8pm, Friday 2-8pm


Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University